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Mikropolis Cocktails & To Øl at Haven Festival 2018

We had a fantastic time participating in 2018, serving our entire range of Mikropolis cocktails as well as a range of To Øl CPH beers to accompany them. This was both at our own Mikropolis bars, as well as two other bars in the festival. Though the festival is on pause at the moment, we very much look forward to participating again when they re-launch.


Mikropolis Cocktails at Roskilde Festival 2018

We had cocktails flowing everywhere at this festival: over 100 taps were pouring Mikropolis Cocktails in approximately ten bars. We had two Mikropolis bars of our own, located in both the Apollo area and the Apollo Countdown area. In our own bars we served Whisky Sour, Ned Stark and Dorky, Verbenator and Good Vibrations. Roskilde's own bars had White Russian, the Spritzer, Rhubarb Crush and Ginger Mojito. All were made organic. 


Mikropolis Cocktails at Heartland Festival 2018

Mikropolis Cocktails were present in all fifteen of Heartlands own bars, serving Gin And Tonic, Rhubarb Crush, as well as Ned Stark and Dorky and Verbenator for the nightclub scene. We also served the Heartland Spritzer, an organic cocktail that we created especially for Heartland.