For the last 4 years we’ve been macerating, shaking and testing various processes, finding out the best approach to cocktail creation when putting them on tap. 

We have come a long way since the initial cocktail development at Mikropolis Bar. And we've been serving the cocktails at BRUS too, taking advantage of the continual feedback available.

We make our tonic water from scratch, ensuring the very foundation of our cocktails are to a high specification. We’re continuously developing many different concepts and ideas too, be it a hop infused tonic water, herb-flavoured liqueurs and aperitifs, or experimenting with distillation.

Mikropolis Cocktails has its origin in craft beer, since BRUS and To Øl are it's backbone. By moving into the world of cocktails, we can utilise our knowledge from beer production in order to ensure the best cocktail quality. We are working with the same trusted brewers to oversee our cocktail range, and with the same hands-on approach to ensure each batch is optimised, improved and developed every time we’re brewing. 

In the craft beer world, we have a proud tradition of collaborating across different industries and breweries to create something exciting. We’re also looking forward to participating in the same way with creative people from the world of beverages; inviting people in from the coffee, beer and spirits industry to develop new cocktails together with us.