The team behind Mikropolis Cocktails has been working with cocktail development at Mikropolis Bar and BRUS for quite some time. For the last 4 years, we’ve been macerating, shaking and testing miscellaneous processes in search of the best cocktails available on draft.

We’re brewing tonic water from scratch and developing different flavours including a hop-infused version and playing with everything from distillation to development of herb-flavoured liqueurs and aperitifs.

With BRUS and To Øl as the backbone, Mikropolis Cocktails has its origin in craft beer, and by moving into the world of cocktails, we exploit our great knowledge from beer production in order to secure the best cocktail quality. We have a small production, handled by skilled brewers, to ensure each batch is optimised, improved and developed every time we’re brewing. 

In the craft beer world, we have a proud tradition of working across genres and breweries in brewing collabs and the cocktail production will also engage in different collaborations with miscellaneous people from the world of beverages, where we’ll invite people in from the coffee, beer and spirits industry to develop new cocktails together with us.